A man of his word

Immediately after the press conference, coach Christian Streich made sure that I receive the promised shirt. Since the Freiburger Badische Nachrichten newspaper also called me to ascertain if the promise had been kept, here is the proof:

Reworking emotions

It has now been several weeks since I received huge acclaim (as well as a shirt) from many people in the press for my work as an interpreter (see “the press talks about me“).

To this day I still get goosebumps just thinking about it. I’ve been trying to perfect my vocabulary for years, not just in football. However, this particular moment demonstrates that there is another factor that makes a translation appear perfect even to those who do not understand the language: transmitting the speaker’s emotions beyond the message.

The press talking about me

Normally the interpreter remains behind the scenes in the function of “communication channel”. It almost never steals attention and is limited to its function of linguistic intermediary. I had never dreamed of receiving as a token of gratitude for the excellent consecutive translation a small gift (Freiburg football shirt) and above all a long applause from the listeners/spectators during a press conference.